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Backend Installation


Hardware Requirement

The backend of the program has higher machine configuration requirements, recommending a minimum of 4GB of RAM. If there are many accounts, consider using a cluster.
It is advised NOT to use CentOS 7

Software Environment

The backend runs on Docker, and the installation script will automatically detect whether Docker is installed, so manual installation is not required.


The backend executes tasks by invoking Webdriver, which can be understood as a browser.

Selenium has two deployment methods: standanlone and grid.


The backend installation script includes single-node deployment functionality. Simply select the deployment option during running the script.

Note:If you want to deploy Selenium on ARM devices, Please look at this:seleniarm/standalone-chromium


Selenium Grid requires a central controller (Hub) and allows nodes to be deployed on multiple servers (node). The Hub automatically assigns Nodes upon receiving requests, achieving load balancing, and enabling multi-IP access, among other functionalities.

If you need to deploy a cluster, you can use the quick deployment script. Please refer to:sahuidhsu/selenium-grid-docker , this script provides support for both x86_64 and ARM deployments.



bash <(curl -Ls

安装时按照提示输入参数即可。如安装单机版Selenium请确保可以访问4444端口。 默认会以 appleautopro 为容器名部署一个Docker容器,这是**后端管理器。 appleauto会自动获取任务,为每个任务部署一个任务容器** 执行 docker logs appleautopro 查看**后端管理器**日志。

如需查看任务容器日志,请先执行docker ps -a,其中命名格式为"apple-auto_X"的则是任务容器,X代表了账号ID。使用 docker logs apple-auto_X 即可查看日志。